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Parvenu is a title sequence for a dramatic limited series that revolves around the concept of being caught between worlds and finding a sense of self. 

Graphis New Talent 2024 Gold Award

Design Focus
Title Sequence / Motion Design

Studio Project 

Date of Completion
Spring 2023

Concept / Narrative

The design approach for "Parvenu" is centered around a dramatic limited series exploring the theme of navigating dual worlds and self-discovery. Focused on the concept of a parvenu, an individual with a mysterious origin attaining wealth and influence, the narrative follows Alexandra's journey from a tranquil life in a presumed wealthy American family to the revelation of her royal Russian lineage and involvement in international crime. Rescued at birth, she becomes entangled in a power struggle, prompting a quest for identity while on the run in America.

Moodboard / Visual Design

High-contrast graphic illustrations, symbolic iconography, and a refined color palette make up the visual language, creating a suspenseful atmosphere that serves as a visual prelude to the unfolding storyline. This design approach aims to captivate viewers and set the tone for what follows.

Storyboard / Strategy

The design strategy for the title sequence employs visual metaphors and transitions to convey the narrative's progression, emphasizing identity discovery, the challenges of being on the run, and the protagonist's resilience. 

Crafted with dynamic transitions and strategic effects, the title sequence masterfully builds tension, using symbolic allegories to mirror the series' themes. Beginning with the symbolic shattering of a Russian doll family cracks seamlessly traverse frames, symbolizing the protagonist's shattered understanding of identity. As the narrative unfolds into the protagonist's journey on the run, feeling lost in different settings that reflect her family lineage and the looming threat, the crack line becomes a compelling visual thread. Culminating in a climactic flight test, a symbolic bird in a stained-glass window becomes the focal point, encapsulating the protagonist's ultimate challenge – to rise above adversity by picking up the shattered pieces.