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National Park Scenic

All Aboard the National Park Scenic! The historic train car takes riders on a scenic 16-mile / one-and-a-half-hour tour of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The visual system works to illustrate a harmony of the ride’s industrial history and the natural world it works to showcase.

Design Focus
Brand Identity

Studio Project

Date of Completion
Summer 2022

Design Intention

What Does the Visual Identity Need to Communicate?

*Originally the ride was called the National Park Flyer

The visual system should find ways to respect the site the event takes place on. Visuals should address the relationship with National Park and find ways to convey the national world.

Operating for 50 years as a scenic railroad, the identity should exhibit establishment and make the rich history felt.

The identity should show interest in innovation. The non-profit continues to grow with the times: finding ways to be environmentally conscious, serve the community, and preserve the site.

The system must be versatile enough to be expanded across multiple events at the railroad.

The identity needs to be welcoming and approachable. The site exists to serve the local community but also cater to tourists. The system needs to illustrate the thought put into making the event.

Logo Creation

Analog Sketches

Digital Sketches / Iteration
Digitized concepts look to construct organic forms out of industrial elements, symbolizing the marriage of industrialization and the park. This is accomplished by creating flower-inspired iconography with geometric elements reminiscent of train motifs.

Concept A Selection
The finalized direction was chosen because the iconographic element was more unique in shape and was more flexible for different applications. Explorations look at using various geometric elements to form the icon and crafting typographic pairings.

Visual Identity System


Touchpoint 1

The event page aims to inform the viewers about the event and highlights the call to action for booking tickets. As the user flows through the content they are presented with organized information about the event, starting with high-level details and concluding with intricacies.

Ride Informational Handout

Touchpoint 2
This onsite touchpoint works as a form of wayfinding for passengers trying to board the ride. It communicates to someone looking to navigate the event and gives the user stops to board / exit the ride as well as the ability to plan out their trip.
Front Fold
Cover Page
Back Fold
Train Schedule
Inside Fold 
Map and Route Information

Environmental Graphics

Touchpoint 3
Expansion of the visual identity into dimensional environmental signage and graphics. The designs work to create placemaking for each station in hopes of helping riders navigate the space and understand how different locations connect.
Wall / Surface Mounted Signage 
Freestanding Signage
Train Graphics Refresh