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A cohesive UX ecosystem designed to enhance the collective living experience and streamline utility management for roommates.

Design Focus

Studio Project

Date of Completion
Spring 2023

Sign Up for an Individual Account to Integrate your Utility and Financial Information

Create an account that has the power to centralize utility data and personal finances

Create a Shared Residence Account that Connects Roommate Accounts

Everyone under your roof can now have access to shared utility information at their fingertips

Use the App to Better Understand Usage & Never Miss a (Split) Payment

The UX system leverages user data to educate and inform about utility usage

Roommates can now take shared responsibility for paying bills through the ecosystem’s checkout process


To understand the problem space methods of observation, journey mapping, and task analysis were employed.

Definition & Research

To establish the scope of the project a problem statement and suggested a design hypothesis was written with storyboarding. To further define what the solution could look like user research was conducted and visualized along with benchmarking. 

Ideation & Prototyping

The UX ecosystem is structured around a well-defined information architecture, which was carried out through the processes of sketching and wireframe prototyping. To apply visual aesthetics, a moodboard was incorporated, followed by the creation of an initial visual prototype.

Design System

The final design system takes the learnings of previous iterations to create a final prototype with animated interaction points. The design is developed into a companion desktop view to further visualize the system.