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Opening Day
Mailer 2022

An annual tradition of celebrating Opening Day is disrupted by a lockout within Major League Baseball (MLB). This interactive print piece looks to respond with a historical rewind of “Strikes, Feuds, and Rivalries”.

Design Focus
Print Design

MSA Design

Date of Completion
Spring 2022

Strikes, Feuds, & Rivalries

Conceptualizing a Timely Campaign

Wordmark Creation

How to Represent Conflict? The logotype mirrors the theme of conflict by pushing and pulling letters, much like the athletes involved in the highlighted events.

Visual System Development and Iteration

Developing Motifs to Create Cohesion

Our design inspiration drew from the place where these events came to us: newspaper headlines. Inspired by the classic newspaper aesthetic, the typography, monotone images, and print style create a complete visual system.

Final Design

Social Media Campaign

Accompanying Social Posts
Using the established style guide from the print piece, MSA’s channels showcased previous baseball projects and content related to Opening Day

Opening Day 2022

And of course, our lovely day at the Cincinnati Red’s Opening Day Game