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Metro Motion: Working Cafe Graphic Mural

The project involved creating a graphic mural for a modern workplace situated in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Positioned in a collaborative cafe, the mural acts as an engaging focal point, harmonizing with the existing interior design and celebrating the location of the office.

Design Focus
Experiential Graphic Design (EGD)

Corporate Workplace

Date of Completion
Spring 2024


Interiors Context
When engaged to create the graphic wallcovering, the interior design of the space had settled on the theme of “Metropolitan Cool / Cool Established”. Drawing from various historical eras of the city, the materials aim to create a timeless look that will serve the office for years to come. The graphic concept seeks to build upon this foundation, adding an energizing effect to the space.

Visual Positioning
Following a discovery period of research about Kansas City, narratives for the visual strategy of the project were crafted, establishing the foundation direction for the graphic’s development.

Schematic Design

Elements of each composition borrow from a proportionally rhymatic scale to create dynamic movements illustrating facets of Kansas City.

Schematic Design Refinements

Following the initial client meeting, refinements were made based on the preferred directions. Additionally, a plaque was developed to inform viewers about the significance of the graphic mural.

Design Development / Design Intent

Upon selecting a concept, the final design was translated into drawings outlining the design intent details, material spefications, and fabrication methods.