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Vibrato: Three Opera Soloists

All Aboard the National Park Scenic! The historic train car takes riders on a scenic 16-mile / one-and-a-half-hour tour of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The visual system works to illustrate a harmony of the ride’s industrial history and the natural world it works to showcase.

Design Focus
Poster Series / Print Design / Motion Design

Studio Project

Date of Completion
Spring 2021 & Summer 2022

Research, Elevator Pitch,  & Narrative Writing

Understanding how the artists relate and contributed to the world of opera

Concept Generation

Establishing Hierarchy

Understanding how the artists relate and contributed to the world of opera

Concept Ideation

The seed of this concept is looking at the soundwaves that the artist form in the voice notes app. From there, the discovery and exploration of the concept was rooted in finding a visually interesting and conceptually poignant way to manipulate the forms.

Inital Digital Generations

Conceptual Direction

Visualizing the dramatics of the opera, the design asks the viewer to watch a grand reveal of the artist’s names. To further this idea, the design utilizes bold colors, a vignette background that reminisces a spotlight, and shows the artists’ names as text images being revealed. The curtain forms are created using voice memos of each artist performing and brings a sense of theatre to life.

Typographic System

Classical Theatrics Meet Modern Geometric

Compositional Iteration

Layout Explorations
The final design shows forms resembling the organic shapes of a dramatic curtain reveal as if the artists are being introduced on stage.
Color Iterations

Final Design

Promotional Video

Motion Design Piece for Social Media