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The Daily Vintage

Given the task of analyzing and enhancing an existing service within a circular economy, Taylor Hsu-King, Allie McMath, and I focused on improving the user experience at a local Cincinnati vintage thrift shop. Through comprehensive design research and a multifaceted evaluation of the retail experience from various perspectives—encompassing stakeholders, channels, and touchpoints—we developed a service proposal featuring newly designed touchpoints.

Design Focus
Service Design

Studio Project

Date of Completion
Fall 2023

Explore and Shop The Daily Vintage’s Collection Through a Designed Mobile App 

Customers no longer need to visit the store in person to browse its collection, which reduces functional risk and provides a more convenient shopping experience

Place a Mobile Order to be Pick-Up in Store

The application allows users to place order online to be picked-up in store, which correlates to organized inventory

Navigate to Storefront

Travel to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati to reach the vintage clothing store

Approach Newly Designed Counter and Pick-Up Shelf

Users are able to pick-up orders from staff at the store’s counter, which has been redesigned to better accomodate existing practices and this new service element

Preliminary Research

By conducting research through secondary sources, we contextualized the industry and consumer trends relevant to the local business.

Primary Research, Current State Anaylsis & Solution Ideation

During a thorough site visit and an interview with one of the business owners, we gained a clear understanding of the store's current operations. This insight allowed us to identify potential areas where communication and industrial design solutions could enhance the business for users and stakeholders.

Prototyping & Testing

Conceptualizing user tasks flows across digital touchpoint and testing newly designed digital platform for usability to gain more insights

Design Details

Apply visual design and styles to key touchpoints to illustrate how the proposed service solution could look implemented for the Daily Vintage